Our Partners

We've partnered with some of the leading companies in the UK to ensure we produce industry leading results.


Sebastian Conran Associates: Industrial Design

Sebastian Conran Associates is a product design & development studio that focuses on creating charismatic retail merchandise and user experiences that are contemporary, innovative and satisfying. 

Operating from their studio-workshop in West London, and lead by designer Sebastian Conran, their diverse portfolio has developed into a specialism in robotics and assistive technology. Sebastian's mechanically ingenious work has received many accolades and awards for design & innovation as well as being granted dozens of patents in a variety of industries. 


designability: Validation

Designability is a national charity joining expertise and knowledge to enhance people’s lives. Engineering and design experts they have a passion for creating life-changing assistive technologies.

Advocates for better technology for everyone and a belief that inclusive design is the only way forward. Designability work with end-users, carers and health professionals to help understand the problem, find a solution and test it in real life situations. Partnering with industry to help as many people as possible – they've transformed over 250,000 lives in the last 48 years.


Consequential Robotics: Technology

Consequential Robotics delivers the best of British & international design and engineering to the development of next generation consumer and commercial robots. Their aim is to create new robot platforms that are inclusively designed, attractive, effective and helpful, with the long-term aim to enhance the quality of human life.  

CqR's emphasis is on understanding how people will use robots in their lives at home, at work, and in shared spaces.  Robots will be the eyes, ears and hands of the intelligent house or the smart office, designed to work quietly, safely and unobstrusively; complementing and assisting people not replacing them. Working closely with academic and industrial collaborators, Consequential employs the latest artificial intelligence, navigation, mechatronic, human-machine interface, rapid prototyping and flexible manufacturing technologies to create robots that are likeable, reliable, and easy to use.


THARSUS: Manufacturers

The UK’s number one designer and manufacturer of autonomous system robots. They guide global companies and technology startups through the uncharted landscapes of the robotics world to imagine, define and produce robotic solutions that deliver real commercial impact.

Already producing hundreds of commercial robots every year for a world-leader in warehouse distribution systems, Tharsus know robots and we know how to make them simple.